Anything is possible when you believe

Do you remember watching Cinderella as a little girl and wondering what you would do if your fairy god mother was to appear – all the things you would ask her for and all the things you would tell her… I still remember […]


Are you Ready to go from Employee to MoneyMaking Boss?

I’m tired of people talking about how things are changing, and making it sound as if change is such a terrrrrrrible thing… How can we expect to become a MoneyMaking Boss if we are not comfortable with change. Change is constant, change is […]

You can’t run away from the pain

You can’t run away from the pain But you can choose to let it go You can choose to take a deep breath A deep sigh and release Sometimes in the middle of creating something you realize that you to have been recreated […]

How to NOT COMFORT a grieving person

So there’s a grieving person around you… this person is crying…or maybe they are not crying, but they are very sad – they have lost someone that is near and dear to them. What should you NOT DO to comfort them Amandine Defense […]