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Can you believe it? Valentine’s day is next week!!! EEEk***

Well I’m not surprised that Valentine’s day snuck up on me, I usually don’t do much…

But I’ve been thinking about the pressure people put on themselves on Valentine’s day. I remember when I was dating, something always happened to ensure that I wasn’t dating someone on Valentine’s day. Either whomever I was dating, and I would get into an argument, or I wouldn’t be dating anyone…I often felt disappointed because other than the sad single stem rose I received from this one boy in High school, I had never received flowers, and at that time getting a bouquet of flowers (and what that represented in my mind) was the desire of my heart. Years later, I did get the bouquet of flowers from my husband, yes I was thrilled, but it was no longer the most important thing to me, and perhaps that was why I cherished the gesture so much…

Anyway, so although people have a lot of pressure around this season, I’ve realized one thing, and that is true love is more than words.

A guy may say he loves you and cares about you, but he doesn’t call you, you’re the one always calling him.

A guy may say he cares about you, but he inconveniences himself for others before he inconveniences himself for you.

A guy may say he cares about you, but he may be spending more time with that other girl than with you.

A guy may say he cares about you, but his “caring” never touches his pockets.

The list goes on and on and on…

So this season, rethink what it means to love and be loved... I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s season next week

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