Why we need you to have children even though this world is crazy

Today I wrote about why we need to have children in this crazy world in my newsletter.


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Here is an excerpt below:

I never wanted to have children. I mean at some point I never wanted to be married, but I fluctuated between wanting to be married and wanting to remain single several times. But as far as having children, I never wanted to have children.

I had heard too many terrible stories, stories of childhood snatched away too early. Stories of uncles doing things that should not even be thought of, cousins touching places that they have no business touching, brothers doing things to much younger sisters, fathers doing things to their daughters that demands explanations, school children exposing innocent school children to terrible things, teachers giving pleasure to themselves while robbing children of their innocence.  Sometimes I felt pity for the perpetrators, especially after they had been caught – often times it was exposed that they too had been victims of childhood sexual abuse. Sometimes when I gave myself permission to empathize with them, I felt sorry for them, but most times I didn’t give myself that permission. I was angry because how could someone knowing the kind of pain that their own abuse caused them, decide to cause that pain in someone else?

Water and Fire

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How to prevent or deal with childhood sexual abuse

Today I wrote about childhood sexual abuse on my newsletter.

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See excerpt:

…The funny thing is that it is often the most unlikely person that would be found to be abusing children. I guess if the person was likely then he wouldn’t be successful because people will keep their children away from him or her. I do have the notion that it is more likely for men to be the abusers than women, maybe because of the way society paints men as out of control sexual fiends. But even that is not true, it’s just a perception. I have met men that have so much personal control that it is shameful for so many women that I know. But for some reason I can’t shake that thought from my head. Maybe because I have heard of so many brothers and uncles and fathers that have abused the children in their lives, or maybe it is because I have heard of male teachers and principals abusing the children in their lives or maybe it’s because when men are abused they often don’t tell anyone, they keep it secret, so many of us are not aware – and so we perpetuate the stereotype that the average abuser is a man. But that is not true and I know that for a fact in my head, but in my mind and in my actions, I guess I just have not accepted that…

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Enjoying the Life

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New words – Encouragement, and my new newsletter

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote here, but you best believe I’m always thinking about you all. I’ve been thinking and writing a lot lately, and I feel that some of my thoughts are not so easy to write on this blog- perhaps I will be back and I will continue the blog, but in the mean time (in a quest for more authenticity) I have begun a newsletter, where I share my thoughts. Essentially the newsletter is about Life + Encouragement + Random Thoughts

I hope you join me on this journey.

But even if you don’t that’s okay too.



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story nory

Five free places to help kids learn

Hey Everyone,
How have you all been doing? I know I’ve been MIA, but as you know, life gets busy sometimes. I promised to write this some time ago, so I just wanted to pop up and quickly share some tips.
Some of my favorite websites for free educational information for kids are below:

  1. Teacherspayteachers.com – of course by the name you can tell that it’s paid, but they have all sorts of free resources, all you have to do is select “free” and pick the age group you’re trying to target. I especially like their math products.
  2. Progressivephonics.com – This website has FREE that’s right FREE resources to teach phonics for young ones. I was shocked when I found it, and proceeded to quickly download everything I could, just in case they changed their minds, but so far, they have not – it’s still free.
  3. Coolmomtech – If you’re looking for tech advice that would be age-appropriate for your child, then coolmomtech is the place to go. I learn something new every time I get an email from them.
  4. StoryNory – This website is great for providing more and more and more stories for your little ones – these include written as well as audio stories. You never have to run out of stories, but I guess if your little one is in love with a story, you’ll have to keep repeating it, but while you’re looking for stories – storynory is there for you. (They also have math lessons).
  5. PreKinders – They are all about the Pre-K young ones. They have things for Mathematics, English etc. Many of the items are free. I’m a math afficionado, so I’m all about Math, but you can try so many things.
  6. Bonus – Bookbub – for those of you with an ereader, you can subscribe to bookbub and you can get updates on free or discounted books, and if you desire books that are just for children, then you will state that when you sign up.
  7. Bonus 2 – What’s In the Bible – For those of you that are Christians What’s in the Bible is a series of DVDs that take kids on a journey from Genesis to revelations in the most interesting way. The DVDs are not free, but when you join the ENewsletter, they send regular emails with free coloring pages, memory verses etc.
  8. Bonus 3 – RedTricycle – Sometimes you just need activity ideas, and RedTricycle is a great place to go. Some of the activities are specific to certain countries, while some of the activities are something that anyone anywhere can do.

So there you go, my five eight suggestions. What are your thoughts? Do you have other websites that you frequent to help your kids learn?

story nory


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The argument free marriage | Fawn Weaver | TEDxPortland

Can you create an argument free marriage?
Can you really go without arguing?

What do you think?

Can you agree to disagree?

What is the law of acceleration?

Successful organizations know how to handle Crucial conversations – Joseph Grenny

How do you handle important conversations in your organization?

When is a conversation a crucial conversation?

How do you manage anger?

How do you avoid being disrespectful?

What story are you telling yourself

ten different people called me. I missed their calls, because I was busy doing one thing or the other. They all had 10 different reactions.

one said she must be busy, I’ll call her back

one said she’s usually in a meeting at this tim, she’ll probably call me back

one said she’s always ignoring my calls, let me try using a different number

one said I think she hates me

one said I hope I haven’t lost her as a friend

one said I hope she’s feeling okay, she usually picks up my call

one said oops I called her by accident

one said I will never call her again

one said I will send her a text

Ten different people, ten different responses. Who do you think was right? Does it even matter who is right? If you were the one what would be your response?

Is the story you’re telling yourself about your experiences right? or are you just assuming? If it’s not right, how can you change it?

Telephone Box, Whitchurch, Hampshire

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Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works – TedTalks

What do you think about Human Trafficking?

Do you think it’s still prevalent? Do you think it doesn’t affect you?

How can you help? How can you reduce trafficking?

Behind the everyday bargains we all love — the $10 manicure, the unlimited shrimp buffet — is a hidden world of people bought and sold to keep those prices at rock bottom. Noy Thrupkaew investigates the human trafficking industry – which flourishes in the US and Europe, as well as developing countries – and shows us the human faces behind the illegal labor that feeds global consumers.

You can find out more about the speaker here

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Don’t push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge

We should all walk around wearing that sign, you know the sign – the one that says:

“Don’t push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge.”

Many of us are very close to the edge. Some are closer than others.

Is it just me or do we sometimes hear something and not quite fully understand the meaning, until later. And even when we think we understand the meaning, something else may happen even later, and the words become even more meaningful.

That’s the beauty of words – they can be multi-faceted.

And now when I think about those words – “Don’t push me, ‘cos I’m close to the edge,” I think about how we use our words to push people.

There are times when we use our words to cut people. We use our words as knives to attack and to belittle, not realizing how close to the edge we are pushing ourselves, when we try to push others to the edge.

Let us be mindful that even when we use innocent words, we can push people the wrong way – just because they were already close to the edge. And let us also be mindful that just because we’re so close to the edge, doesn’t mean that someone is actually pushing us – perhaps the whole time instead of making the statement to others, we really should have been speaking to ourselves.

How about you? What are your thoughts?

London Fashion Week, 15 September

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If you can’t help yourself, it’s not love

I love love

I love love songs…

But I think when you’re single, love songs can be incredibly delusional. I remember when I was single, one of my favorite love songs went like this:

Lost without you, can’t help myself.

How does it feel to know that i love you baby?

Back then it made sense. When someone said they loved  you, when they said they couldn’t help themselves and the intensity of the emotion they felt for you. You ate it up, and beamed – oh to be loved!

But the truth is that whenever you can’t control your emotions, then it’s madness, not love. True Love is a choice. He can love someone else, but my husband chooses to love me everyday. And because he has a choice, it makes his love all the more valuable.

If you’re deciding on love today, please I beg you, choose the person who chooses to love you and not the mad person who can’t help himself. #Madness

mad love

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