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What is iyasostuff about?

Did you know that your life is a gift?

Whether you are single, married, male or female, your life is a gift and is very important.

I wrote Impossible is Stupid to address single females and to encourage us all that life does not begin or end at marriage.

I’ve written blog posts about GodLifeWorkAfricabeing single, and other random things.. Whatever is on my mind at the time.

While some of blog posts may seem a bit disjointed, there remains one underlying theme, we all need the hope and the encouragement to change the world.

How can we encourage one another?

 Welcome, get comfortable and join the conversation.

Don’t ever forget that Impossible is Stupid.

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I am a writer,

I am also one of the “anonymous” co-hosts of the I am seriously single podcast

And, I am the author of an amazing book

on how single women can deal with depression and loneliness

Which version of Impossible is Stupid would you like?

I am a Christfollower, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur…Curiously Creative And…

I really really really enjoy hearing from you all

Please feel free to contact me (Osayi) via the following means:


Facebook: Facebook.com/iyasostuff

GooglePlus: iyasostuff

Email: IyasOStuff@Gmail.com

And of course – don’t forget to Stay updated

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You can always contact me here.