Breakups: We are just friends but…

Oh no you are not just friends. Don’t even lie to yourself.

I’ve noticed lately that many young people lie to themselves saying “OH it’s nothing we are just friends,” but they spend one on one time with each other as if it were a date. Some of them even hold hands and some go to the extent of even kissing intermittently. But oh they’re just friends.

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Who are you kidding? Baby girl save yourself from a world of hurt and find out from this your umm…friend whether he holds hands with all his other friends, male and female, the way he holds your hands or if he kisses them as well. If that’s the case, well then baby girl, you have a player on your hands, whether or not he knows he’s a player. Now if he doesn’t do that, then he needs to commit to being your man. He shouldn’t be enjoying the benefits of being your boo without the commitment of being your boo.

It’s not about y’all changing your Facebook status (I don’t even change my Facebook relationship status), or him buying you something for valentine’s day (I don’t encourage guys to buy me things anyway), but it’s about him committing. You are too fabulous to be any guy’s side business, plan B, or his leftover.

You have too much to do, too much to give, too much at stake. Stop kidding yourself, if he can get the milk for free, I wouldn’t expect him to buy the cow. It will be hard, I know, trust me, even fabulous me has been there. But it gets better. And when you meet that wonderful guy that treats you as not just plan A, but the only plan, and actually treats you as the princess that you are (instead of just calling you a princess), and wants to be with you and only you! Girl it’s a beautiful thing – Trust me, I’ve been there too 🙂

So seriously, how are you doing? Talk to me.

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