Why your business needs you to start building a community


One of the challenges that businesses have is attracting the right people to your business.

How do you get people who are eager for your services and are willing to pay you handsomely to get access to your services?

When I first started selling online I would tell people about what I have to offer. I would shout and shout, I would post it online everywhere and many people would not even pay attention to me.

But I later realized that there are many people offering the same thing I’m offering, the only difference is when you’ve built a community around you.

And so I set out to build a community – I created a new Twitter account and built it to thousands of followers in just 3 months.

I created facebook groups and had thousands of followers in just a few months.

And guess what, with those followers people ask me questions everyday, so I’m able to pick and choose who I want to work with and who may be a better client for someone else.

There are some easy ways to build your community.

1. Pick something you’re passionate about, because your passion is contagious.
2. Look for people who have a problem that your product or service can solve.
3. Serve them

What tips would you add? What are your experiences with building an online community?Qsayi Emokpae Lasisi

Osayi Emokpae Lasisi is a business and Leadership strategist for Mommies like you. She is passionate about changing the world by changing herself, and spreading the contagion. You can find out about her newest book: Because You Deserve Love a book that helps you deal with breakups and heartbreak, and you can can get a free excerpt of her prior book: Impossible is Stupid, a book that encourages singles in their search for fulfillment and for finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Follow her on twitter, facebook, pinterest, Instagram or subscribe to her blog MoneyMaking-Mommies.com.