Become a Better Mom and MoneyMaking Entrepreneur in only 17 Minutes a day

Whenever I talk to working moms about starting their business, they are quick to say that they just don’t have the time. “Work takes time…being a mom takes time…being a wife takes time”… They say And I understand…yes it all takes time, and […]

Why your business needs you to start building a community

#MoneyMakingCommunity One of the challenges that businesses have is attracting the right people to your business. How do you get people who are eager for your services and are willing to pay you handsomely to get access to your services? When I first […]

Competition is the solution to a lot of Nigerian problems – ShopriteNG

I go to a store that I don’t enjoy going to. But they are the only ones around my area that sell the coconut milk that I like. I go to Shoprite Nigeria often, because they are the only ones that sell a […]

The Beggar’s Children

Beggar’s Children – The other day we were stopped at a stop light and I saw the most interesting thing. A tiny little dark-skinned girl was walking quickly beside a light-skinned woman. At first I thought the girl belonged to the woman, but […]

Happy Democracy Day 2015 Nigeria – May 29

Democracy Day 2015 – Today we have a new president, today things are different, today things are changing. Are things better? Well we hope so, we pray so. But as I wrote on Democracy Day 2013, It’s still up to us. There is […]