What if you could make money doing what you love?

Have you ever wondered about how to make money online? Have you ever thought about writing a book? What if the two could be intertwined? What if you could use your ebook to create the kind of lifestyle business you desire? I always […]

Top Schools to attend to make the most money

I can give you the list of ivyleague schools. I can even give you how much the average graduate makes from those schools. But it wouldn’t help you – you know why? Because you’re not average, actually no one is average. All the […]

Effort is overrated

Effort is overrated. In the real world there is no grade for effort. I think school has spoiled us. If we ever had a good teacher, an encouraging teacher, she would always grade us based on our effort, and our willingness to try. […]

Don’t push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge

We should all walk around wearing that sign, you know the sign – the one that says: “Don’t push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge.” Many of us are very close to the edge. Some are closer than others. Is it just […]

When your job is not your passion

I’m a big believer in finding your passion, and finding ways to work with that passion, but sometimes things don’t work out quite how you would like it to. Being a writer may not be the quickest or easiest way to make money, […]