For the non-psychic mothers of crying babies

Crying Babies: Every time my baby cries, someone asks me “what is wrong with her? Why is she crying?” I usually shrug and say I don’t know. Sometimes I’m tempted to ask them the same question, just in case they are psychic and they can help me…

I mean afterall, it’s very easy to figure out what is wrong with any baby. There can only be three options

1. Her diaper is wet and she needs it changed, or her diaper is too dry and it’s chafing her bum, or her diaper is too tight, or her diaper was not put on right and is hurting her or…

2. She is hungry and wants to eat, or she is full and wants to poop, or she wants to poop but it hurts, or she wants to poop but the diaper is wet, and she wants a fresh diaper to poop in then you look at option 1…

3. She is sleepy and wants to be rocked to sleep, she is sleepy but doesn’t want to sleep, she is sleepy but there is too much noise, she is sleepy but it’s too quiet, she is sleepy but she wants to be held a certain way, she is not sleepy but you are trying to force her to sleep so you can get work done, or she is sleepy but wants to be fed so that it soothes her to sleep then you look at option 2…

Bonus: And then ofcourse she may just want your attention, or want to be held, or want to be played with, or want to be talked to, or want to be among other people (not just you), or she is just trying to express herself, or she feels like crying, or she is missing her dad.

Now that you know the three step process plus the bonus, for why my baby may be crying, please feel free to decipher and tell me what her problem is, so that I can quickly administer aid, and save your ears from dealing with the noise.


– A not-so-psychic mother

Jackson (not happy) Creative Commons License Justin Wise via Compfight

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