Make it work: Fight for Love

I once told a guy that sometimes I argue with him, not because I think I’m right, but because I want to express something that concerns me and I want him to show me that I’m wrong… maybe even allay my fears…

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Love is not just a feeling, it’s action. Sometimes you have to fight for it. You have to fight for love. You can’t just accept what happens as what “will” happen. If this is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then you have to fight to make it work. Unless of course there is a really bad character flaw, that would be an exception.

A guy once told me that he made provision to forgive me. I know it sounds mushy or cliche, but there is something beautiful about realizing that someone is committed no matter what. That someone is willing to fight for the two of you to work out no matter what…

So you don’t have to be afraid of doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision or making mistakes… instead you can focus on making the relationship work, because you know that there is provision for forgiveness waiting for you if you mess up, and you know that this love that is growing between you is worth fighting for!

There will always be something to pull you apart, there will always be someone who’s “better,” there will always be something… so you can’t afford to have the nonchalant “if it’s meant to be” attitude… Fight!

Dear God,

Please help us to remember to fight for love. Help us to know that fighting for something does not mean that we are fighting “fate” or that we are not accepting our destiny, but that fighting means that we value this thing and we are willing to make the sacrifice. Help us to remember how you have fought and continue to fight for our love, and help us to dwell in your warm embrace when we are rejected, or when we have to stop fighting and let go of the love. Help us to be thankful for the opportunity to love, and the experience of loving, no matter how hard or painful it may be. Amen

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