Nigeria: Everyday Excitement

So I was talking to the CEO of a major Nigerian company one day, and he jokingly said that he couldn’t live anywhere else in the world because it would be too boring… “In Nigeria” he said “you may turn on the light switch, and the light may come on or not come on, you may try turn on the nozzle in the bath tub and the water may come or not come. Then you have to run around and get things fixed. That’s excitement!”

Chai! If that’s excitement, can someone please give me the boring life! Ahh… but it’s true sha, sometimes these basic things you take for granted are not there, and it doesn’t matter how much money you have, because after a while the stuff you were supposed to be using only for emergencies, become the only things that work, since the government infrastructure is poor…


I mean take generators for example, there were only supposed to be for emergencies, for whenever the power is down… but it’s no longer so… you find yourself using your generator more than even the power from PHCN

But I understnad what that CEO was talking about… there’s something different about Nigerians, our brains are working… because we’re always solving problems, it seems as if we’re more alive… and we also learn to just let some things go because we know that things won’t always work out perfectly… actually most likely they won’t work out perfectly… but that’s okay…

But anyway sha… PHCN na beg I dey beg you…bring back our light! Ese gon!

Anyway… I’m learning…

p.s. I love Nigeria

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