Are you Ready to go from Employee to MoneyMaking Boss?

I’m tired of people talking about how things are changing, and making it sound as if change is such a terrrrrrrible thing… How can we expect to become a MoneyMaking Boss if we are not comfortable with change. Change is constant, change is […]

You can’t run away from the pain

You can’t run away from the pain But you can choose to let it go You can choose to take a deep breath A deep sigh and release Sometimes in the middle of creating something you realize that you to have been recreated […]

How to NOT COMFORT a grieving person

So there’s a grieving person around you… this person is crying…or maybe they are not crying, but they are very sad – they have lost someone that is near and dear to them. What should you NOT DO to comfort them Amandine Defense […]

Originals (By Adam Grant) and your business

There are so many things that we think we know, that we really don’t truly understand. We think the most creative people are the ones that love risks most, or that the most successful people gave up everything to focus on one thing, […]