Ten business ideas


There are so many great business ideas out there. Some are more attractive than others, but people are making money – so I thought I would share some with you.

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  1. Snail farming – Yeah it may not be sexy, but it’s lucrative.
  2. Blogging – If you can get a good niche, and can get multiple sources of income from the publicity you get from blogging.
  3. Tutoring – Online or offline – there are so many types of exams now, and people are willing to invest so that they don’t have to take the exam multiple times.
  4. Cleaning Services – Many small businesses are finding it hard to keep a staff on hand to keep the office clean. You can help.
  5. Social media expert – social media is hot everywhere – if you have it figured out, you can make good money.
  6. Ankara goods – people are looking for personalized and beautiful African looking items, if you hand-goods are your forte, you can start doing this today.
  7. Taking care of the elderly – Things have changed, generations are not living with each other any more.
  8. Vacation Planning – We have a lot of extra income these days, if you can give us memories, we are willing to exchange it for others.
  9. Personalized Jewelry – We want something that is specifically for us, so if you can get something with our initials, etc.
  10. Diesel/Fuel/Gas home delivery – Scarcity, shmecity – solve this problem and you’ll be our friend forever.

10 Easy Business ideas
10 Easy Business ideas you can start today
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