Make it work: The scars are not forever

I recently discovered shea butter, and coconut oil, and jojoba oil, and all these wonderful oils that are great for our bodies. Scars that I’d had for years, due to carelessness, or accidents, or ignorance have begun to be a thing of the past. My skin continues looking better everyday, and it made me think about emotional scars that I had been carrying around…

Sometimes people tell us that some of our experiences leave scars with us that remind us not to make those mistakes again. Some people say that even Jesus had scars on his hands and feet, so why would we expect to be any different. But I’ve begun realizing that just has Jesus took the punishment of our sins, our pains and sorrows, he also took our scars so we don’t have to carry it.

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Our pains, mistakes and failures can burn us and leave us bitter, and leave us vowing to never make those mistakes again, or they can burn away the impurity in us that made us susceptible to the decisions we made. We cannot blame ourselves for what others do, but we are responsible for our reactions. We can choose to look back on the memories and smile and be thankful for the lessons learned, or we can choose to focus on the pain from the experience.

When we let go of the pain, and we let go of the scars, we can go into a relationship fresh, willing to make things work, willing to focus on the person we are with, without comparing them to the other. We can choose to listen to what this person is saying, without assuming they are just like the other.

We can choose to love beyond the pain, beyond the suffering…and as we learn to love, the fear disappears – because perfect love casts out all fear.

Dear God

Help us to love and let go of the fear that threatens to overwhelm us.

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